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A little about us:

Meet the owners! You might have seen me

We're a husband and wife team (Yes, High School Sweethearts!) that have been in the industry for over 14 years. 

We met in Argentina 13 years ago and decided to get married in 2016. Two years later our little princess Sophia came along and joined the team!

Meet Jan!

I've been in this beautiful industry since the beginning of my times, I had the blessing to grow up in a family who was dedicated to event organization and owned several venues world wide. I received a Bachelors in International business and got certified as a professional wedding planner in Florida. I have a passion for weddings and am truly IN-LOVE with the countless details that a wedding brings turning each one, as one of my own!

Meet Kevin!

Unlike Jan I didn't imagine myself working as a wedding planner. Rather, I dreamed of being a professional soccer player until I met Jan back in 2005. It was pretty much impossible not to have passion for weddings when I decided to join the family! 

I started out from the bottom to learn more about the industry as a waiter, sushi chef, bartender, you name it, I did it! Years later we decided to open our own business with Jan's creative experience and my logistics/ analytical skills. 


Love Letters

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